Analyzing Digital Images Installation Packages for Windows and OS/X

March, 2015 Updates! Several errors is earlier java versions of ADI and Digital Image Basics have been corrected.

ADI was developed by John Pickle (Concord Academy; formerly, Museum of Science, Boston), and updated by Dan Gullage (STEM Education Institute, University of Massachusetts Amherst). The software is available free to anyone for non-commercial use. 

There are three programs:

Earlier versions of the programs were created using Real Basic.  Newer versions been developed using Java by Jordan Bull at the Lawrence Hall of Science and by Maxime Israel at the University of Massachusetts. They run much faster and avoid problems encountered on Windows computers with large amounts of RAM.

We recommend using the Java versions or the newer "Xojo" versions.

2016. "Xojo" versions of ADI. They have some enhancements not contained in the java versions.

Windows Java versions with installers (March 2015)

Mac Java versions with install program (March 2015)

Note: Users with oldish (>2 years) OSX versions may find that the Java version of ADI (but not the other two programs) gives error messages and does not run. They should download the earlier Real Basic software below in that case.

User Guides and Help Videos: There are several user guides and help videos online at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Earlier Real Basic versions.

There are setup packages for Windows and OS/X. Both versions have 3 programs that come in a single install package:

Click the appropriate link below to download and install your software:

Note: OSX software folders should be dragged to the Applications Folder, and once they are opened, you can add an icon to the Dock Window.

Movie Tracker software analyzes video files.

Most people will not have a use for the following files (ADI and DIB updated March, 2015, Color Basics 2014):