STEM Adventures@UMass

Sponsored by the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Institute at UMass Amherst


UMass Science Outreach Club

and the Girl Scouts of Montachusett Council, Inc.




Best trip I ever had! I havent had this much fun ever!


This program is no longer offered


Fall 2006 Saturday programs for Girl Scouts

Who:  For girls in grades 4-9.  What: 3-hour Saturday hands-on science programs at UMass Amherst. Each program includes two 75 minute sessions. Cost: $4 per person for materials, snacks; free parking

October  14, 1:45-5 pm. (1) Amazing Physics. Experiments such as the lightning machine, dancing flames, suicide pendulum.. Science Outreach Club.
Chemistry Fun.  Explore invisible inks, investigate the colorful combinations that you didn't realize were lurking in your kitchen pantry, and learn how to make some tasty crystals!  Chemist Sharon Palmer and the Chemistry Club.

November 4, 1:45-5 pm. (1) Global Warming. Modeling the carbon cycle, measuring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. . Astronomer Steve Schneider and the Science Outreach Club.
(2) Shake N' Bake: Exploring Plate Tectonics.
 Use hands-on activities to demonstrate the influence of plate movement on sea floor spreading, differences between continents and ocean basins, properties of earth materials, and the location of earthquakes. Geologist Richard Yuretich and the Science Outreach Club.

Space is limited!!


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