Configuring Windows XP for UMassK12 Dial-up Internet Access on our new modem pool


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Dan Gullage



These instructions are for UMassk12 dial-up users who have Windows XP and a web browser installed on their computer 


Note, in these instructions, by default click means left click. No right clicking is necessary.


I. Creating a new dial-up connection

1. Start up Windows XP

2. Click on the start bar

3. Click on programs

4. Click on accessories

5. Click on communications

6. Click on New connection wizard

7. A screen will pop up that says "Welcome to the New connection Wizard, this wizard helps you connect to the internet, etc." Click NEXT.

8. For the Network connection type select the, "connect to the internet" button and click NEXT

9. Select, "Set up my connection manually" and click NEXT

10. Select, "connect using dial-up modem" and click NEXT

11. Enter the name you wish to give this connection, such as “UMassK12,” “Amherst dialup k12s server,” or whatever you wish

12. Enter the phone number for the connection (545-3384) and click NEXT.

Note this is an Amherst, MA number. Check your phone company to make sure it is not a long distance call. You may or may not have to enter the area code for the phone number depending on where you live (413-545-3384 or 1-413-545-3384 for a long distance call)

13. Enter your username in the username field, enter your password in the password field, and enter your password once again in the, "confirm password" field. Use the username and password given to you for k12s dial-up, your password may be different from your UMassK12 e-mail password. If you wish to use UMassk12 as your default dial-up connection, check the box that says, "Make this the default internet connection." Click NEXT

13. Check off the box that says, "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" and click FINISH

14. Now you will see a new icon on your desktop with the name of the new connection you created. The icon will look like a picture of 2 monitors or computers connected to each other. Double click on this connection icon

15. Now you will be at the main connection menu. Click, "dial" to connect and login to UMassk12. From this screen you can also change the phone number, username or password. If your connection doesn’t work, re-enter these 3 fields.


You have now successfully configured your connection to the UMassK12 dial-up ISP!  Once your session is over please disconnect your connection.

Disconnection Instructions: Once the connection process is finished, you will see an icon with 2 monitors/computers in the taskbar on the bottom right of the screen (near where it tells you the time).  To disconnect click on this symbol, then click on the disconnect button in the window that opens.


To connect to the internet from now on, follow steps 14 and 15. Once the connection process is finished, you will see an icon with 2 monitors/computers in the taskbar on the bottom right of the screen (near where it tells you the time). You can click on this icon to disconnect or view connection data. Once you are connected to the internet, you can open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, check your e-mail using a mail client, or use any other internet application. Depending on your preferred internet application or browser settings, the connection screen might pop-up when you are offline and attempt to open the internet application.


II. Sending and receiving email


If you already have your e-mail program configured, you do NOT need to change anything! The e-mail configuration on our server and your e-mail password has NOT changed. You can skip the rest of this document!


The easiest way to send and receive mail on UMassK12 is through our web-based e-mail client. You can login to it from main page at:

Our web based e-mail client has features such as spam filtering that you can enable, virus scanning, an address book, spell checker, a built in calendar, the ability to setup vacation auto-response messages, and a feature that saves your mail as you type it so you can restore the message if the browser gets closed or crashes. Our web-mail also provides you with a secure and encrypted connection for sending and receiving mail, and you can connect to it from any location on the internet. For more detailed instructions on configuring our web-mail client, go to:


You can also read and send e-mail with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or any other e-mail program once it is configured .You will need this information:


-         Your POP3 server is

-         Your SMTP server is also

-         Your reply-to address is or


The details will vary for the program. For example, in Outlook Express, you may be asked to select or add an identity when you start the program. If not, click on File, Identities, and either Add a New Identity or Manage Identities and you will get the screens that require the data above. You will probably also be asked for your name, e.g., Jane Jones.