Lesson Plan Template


Course Requirements:

      Teachers will attend the Stem Digital Summer Institute. After the institute, they will develop one course-related lesson plan and accompanying materials. This lesson plan should be in the required format, which is posted on our website, and should be completed by August 15th and uploaded to MOODLE by that date.  This requirement is for all summer participants including those taking the course for credit or those taking the course for hours or professional development points (PDP’s).

Credits or PDP’s (hours):

All teachers who want to earn graduate credits will register for 3 credits ($345) during the Institute.  Registration forms are in your notebooks and should be given to Holly by Wednesday.  You can opt to pay for the course by check at that time; otherwise you will receive a bill via the email address you provide.  

      Grades will be posted in late August.

Teachers who do not register for credit are eligible for 40 PDP’s and will receive a certificate in the mail in late August. 


Participants will receive a check for $375.00 upon completion of all requirements, although delays in getting the stipend are common and should be expected. If you have not received a check by the end of October, please contact Eugenie Harvey at eharvey@umassk12.net.


       Every teacher will have a budget of $200 to purchase course-related supplies for classroom use. A form is available online for pre-approval of purchases. This year there is a DEADLINE for purchases.  Submit your paperwork by Jan. 1, 2014

Graduate Credit

If you want 3 graduate credits, register through the UMass Continuing and Professional Education office using the form provided in your notebook. Three course credits for the summer institute and follow-up activities will be awarded at the end of the summer.  You will be registered for a summer course and receive a grade in late August assuming receipt of the required follow-up work to be done this summer.


   Attach a check for $345 to UMass Continuing Education or wait to be billed by Continuing Education.  Give the form to HOLLY by Wednesday.  If you are a UMass grad student, or if you have a tuition waiver, or if you are taking another summer UMass course, see Mort.  


   You have a choice of graduate credit in natural sciences or in physics. Cross out the one you do not want on the form. Make sure that you complete all the highlighted items. In particular, be sure to write carefully the email address you use regularly.



All communications from the University about grades and bills will come from the Continuing Professional and Education Office and be online on Spire, the UMass online information system.  Be sure to note the Spire account information that will be sent to your personal email soon after you register. The UMass STEM Ed office will not send you a bill or a grade. 



   PDP’s (Hours or “Continuing Ed Units”) are free and will be awarded to anyone not signing up for grad credit.