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STEM Ed Announcement: STEM DIGITAL Summer Institute

This is a STEM ED UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below
 STEM Digital Images in Geoscience Investigations:  
      Teaching Analysis with Light
 "	Monday to Friday, June 24 - 28, 2013 at UMass Amherst 
 "	Funded by the National Science Foundation 
 "	Sponsored by the STEM Education Institute 
 "	Middle and High School Science, Math, and Technology Teachers 
 "	Teams of science and computer teachers encouraged 
 "	Participants MUST bring a digital camera, and are encouraged to
          bring a laptop computer 
 "	$75/day stipends ($375 total), materials, parking, lunches 
 "	Housing and meals for those outside the commuting radius 
 "	3 to 6 graduate credits available at reduced cost; free PDP's
           (Professional Development Points) 
 STEM DIGITAL will use the AnalyzingDigitalImages software which provides
 free, easy-to-use tools for spatial, temporal, spectral, and intensity
 measurements. It will show how digital image analysis can be applied to
 environmental quality issues in ways that can readily be introduced into
 STEM courses, engaging students and encouraging them to think about 
 related careers. The program will develop research agendas that will 
 employ a variety of image analysis tools. 
 Application forms and more information: www.umassk12.net/digital.
 Contact: msilver@umassk12.net. Voice: 413-545-0734, fax: 413-545-3697

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