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STEM Ed Announcement: Biology Teacher Opening

This is not a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 Immediate need for Biology teacher at Malden High School to teach AP
 Biology and Pathology for remainder of the school year.  Experience
 teaching AP Biology is preferred.
 Remaining topics for AP Biology include:
         Evolutionary Biology 
         Diversity of Organisms
         Structure and function of plants and animals 
 A general pacing guide will be provided to help ensure all material is
 covered prior to the Advanced Placement exam.  Lecture notes,
 suggested activities/labs, practice problems, and assessments will be
 If interested, please contact either Principal Dana Brown
 (dbrown@malden.mec.edu) or Science Director Diane Perito
 Diane C. Perito, Ph.D.
 K-12 Science Director
 City of Malden

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