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STEM Ed Announcement: MA Driving License Renewal

Massachusetts Driver's License Renewal  
 A few years ago the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
 switched from paper license renewal reminders to email notices. I
 learned recently that they no longer send out ANY notices.  Look at
 your license. It expires on your birthday some years after your
 latest renewal. Two of my friends just discovered they were driving
 with expired licenses. I am sure many others have out of date
 licenses and to not know it.
 Most people can renew online at MassachusettsDriversLicense.org. If
 you are over 75 you must go into the RMV and take an eye test to
 renew, but you can fill out the forms online to save time.
 My apologies for this off-topic email but I think many people will
 find it useful.
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