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STEM Ed Announcement: MITS Summer PD Institutes

This is not a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 just around the corner!
 Join us this June and July for the MITS  2013 Summer Professional
 Development Institutes!
 For Elementary, Middle and High School Educators
 Educational Crossroads: Science, Technology and Engineering Meet
 Literacy and Social Science
 The 2013 MITS Summer Institutes offer you an opportunity to
 experience cross-disciplinary investigations and to create the
 synergy of science, technology, engineering, literacy and social
 sciences in your classroom:
 Learn to use or increase your skills with inquiry-based, hands-on
 methods in your classroom and participate in classroom and outdoor
 experiences  Explore educational resources in your community and
 explore field trip and classroom resources available from museums,
 nature centers and other organizations in your region  Become part of
 a network of teachers from your region and across the state  Earn
 PDPs/CEUs or PDPs and graduate credit    MITS is offering 3 types of
 courses this summer!
 Hybrid Courses (10 hours online, 5 days on-site)
 Dates: June 17 - July 30
 Boston Region: Science Solutions: Using Design Education to
 Investigate Animal and Human Needs
 On-Site Dates: July 8 - 12
 Southeast Region: Investigating Interdisciplinary Pathways Through
 Engineering Design and the Natural World
 On-Site Dates: July 15 - 19
 One-week Institutes
 Dates: July 8 - 12 or July 15 - 19
 Central Region: Minds-On, Hands-On: Integrating Science, Technology,
 Engineering and Literacy
 July 15 - 19
 High School Teachers' Institute: Under the Periscope: Marinating Your
 STEM Curriculum with Marine Science, Engineering Design and Literacy
 July 8 - 12
 Two-week Institutes
 July 8 - 19
 Merrimack Region:Teaching STEM Through the Past, Present and Future
 Berkshire Region: Engineering Innovations: An Interdisciplinary Look
 at the Social, Ecological and Economic Fabric of the Berkshires
 Visit  - http://mits.org/summer-institute/ www.mits.org
 for details, a complete brochure and to register.
 Museum Institute For Teaching Science
 What are MITS Summer Institutes?
 MITS Summer Institutes are a unique professional development
 opportunity. Visit each of the partner organization's sites for 1-2
 days and participate in both content and skill development sessions
 taught by professional educators, scientists and other content
 Depending on the region, daily activities will include: nature walks,
 behind-the-scenes tours of facilities, introductions to resource
 centers, modeling of inquiry-based activities and more. Days will
 include a balance of indoor, classroom-based components and outdoor
 field experiences. All activities are designed to help you meet State
 Frameworks and create interdisciplinary connections. Participants can
 choose to receive PDPs, or graduate credit and PDPs.
 Learn More About the 2013 Summer Institutes!
 Visit the MITS website - http://mits.org/summer-institute/  to read
 regional summaries, browse our Summer Institute brochure, and
 register online!

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