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STEM Ed Announcement: Girls STEM Summit

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 Announcing - Girls STEM Summit - West
 Hosted by Jr.Tech in partnership with Worcester Polytechnic Institute
 When: Saturday, November 16, 2014
 Where: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
 Times: 8am - 4pm
 Enrollment fee: $45
 Enroll at http://www.juniortech.org
 For high school girls who love Science, Technology, Engineering &
 Math (STEM) and would like to learn more about emerging careers in
 At each summit we aim to:
 Bring 100 female students in grades 8 -12, who have expressed a
 strong interest in pursuing higher education careers in STEM,
 together with female STEM career professionals and educators for a
 program that features emerging STEM careers with hands-on workshops
 taught by female role models working in STEM careers. 
 To impact and bridge the gap between girls passion for the topics,
 and helping them find their way to successful STEM careers in an
 otherwise male-dominated field. 
 To enlighten and inspire them to make educated decisions when faced
 with high school curriculum choices and bring awareness of emerging
 STEM fields. 
 To fulfill an important gender gap in STEM jobs today. 
 To connect leading women working as experts with high school girls
 interested in pursuing higher education and careers thru hands-on
 workshops and keynote address. 
 To provide hands-on sessions highlighting key STEM industries.To
 present the material in a way that makes STEM seem interesting,
 relevant to career paths and approachable.
 Enjoy Guest speaker, hands-on breakout career tracks, female role
 models instructing breakouts, lunch, giveaways and so much more!
 Phyllis Russell
 President and Executive Director
 Jr.Tech, Inc
 Member of the Advisory Board for the Southeastern Mass STEM Network
 Join jr.tech on facebook and twitter

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