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STEM Ed Announcement: Tracking Intensive

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 Tracking Intensive 
 with Sue Morse from Keeping Track(r)
 Join Sue Morse, one of the top wildlife trackers in North America and
 an extraordinary educator, for a Keeping Track(r) Intensive Wildlife
 Monitoring Program taking place October of 2013 through April of 2014
 in Western Massachusetts and Vermont.   This multi-day course will
 provide you with a "new set of eyes" on wildlife activity in your
 local environment.
 During the field training, participants will be taught to recognize
 the tracks, sign and habitat of selected focal species.  Participate
 in in-depth discussions of the habitat selection patterns, ecology and
 life cycles of selected species of greatest conservation value.   Gain
 knowledge about important denning, feeding, wintering and travel areas
 of a variety of species, and the important role this knowledge can
 play in helping to conserve the region's health and biodiversity. 
 Moose wallows, black bear babysitting trees, mustelids in wetlands,
 sign of bobcat and fisher, are just the beginning of what we will see
 and explore throughout the course.   The skills you will be taught
 draw from a scientific methodology, so that citizens, communities and
 organizations can integrate this information into their conservation
 planning, management, and protection of wildlife and their necessary
 Class members need not be Olympic athletes.  Walking will be slow to
 moderate in both pace and elevation gain.  The course is open to
 anyone able to commit to the entire course who is interested in
 learning more about wildlife and conservation including conservation
 planners, educators, land trust officials, naturalists and citizen
 scientist volunteers. 
 This training will be a multi-day field course with an additional 8
 hours of evening classroom.  The course dates for Fall, 2013 - Spring,
 2014 are: 
 *        Sunday, October 6 (in Vermont), 
 *        Friday evening, December 6 and Saturday, December 7 (in the
 Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts), 
 *        Sunday, January 5 (in Massachusetts), 
 *        Saturday, February 8 (in Vermont), 
 *        Sunday, March 9 (in Vermont), and 
 *        Friday evening, April 4 and Saturday, April 5 (in Massachusetts)
 Keeping Track(r) is a nonprofit wildlife monitoring organization
 dedicated to providing technical training to professional biologists,
 citizen scientist volunteers, land trust officials and conservation
 planners.  The Keeping Track(r) Intensive Wildlife Monitoring Program
 will be taught by science director and wildlife ecologist Susan Morse.
  Susan has more than thirty eight years experience monitoring wildlife
 and interpreting wildlife habitat use. The many accomplishments of
 Keeping Track and Sue Morse have been featured in Smithsonian,
 Audubon, Amicus Journal, Forest Magazine, Wild Earth, Vermont Life and
 Adirondack Life, and on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition." See
 their web site www.keepingtrack.org
 Space is limited so early registration is encouraged.  Cost is $460
 for this eight-session course that will take place in Western
 Massachusetts and Jericho, Vermont.  Registration and course fee
 deadline: Saturday, June 15th, 2013.   To register please call the
 Hitchcock Center for the Environment at 413-256-6006.  For more
 information and course questions please contact Kim Noyes at
 Northfield Mountain at (413) 659-4462 or kim.noyes@gdfsuezna.com or
 Ted Watt at the Hitchcock Center at 413-256-6006 or

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