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STEM Ed Announcement: NE Region Assn for Science Teacher Ed Meeting

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 We are pleased to announce that registration and proposal submission is now
 open for the 2013 Northeast Region Association for Science Teacher Education
 (NE-ASTE) meeting, which will be held 50 miles north of NYC at Black Rock
 Forest in Cornwall, New York from Wednesday, October 16th to Friday, October
 18th. Please visit the conference website for registration and submission
 information: http://environmentaleducationonline.com/neaste2013
 Please note that the Advance Registration Deadline and the Proposal
 Submission (Papers, Posters, and Roundtables) Deadline is: October 1, 2013 
 About the Association for Science Teacher Education
 We are the northeast regional affiliate of the Association for Science
 Teacher Education (http://theaste.org/), whose mission is to promote
 excellence in science teacher education through scholarship and innovation. 
 Each October, we get together to share ideas and practices to promote
 science teacher education in formal and informal educational settings. This
 year, we are are looking forward to an exciting meeting of science teacher
 educators, scientists, science coordinators and supervisors, and informal
 science educators. 
 Conference Details
 The conference theme is teaching and learning indoors and outdoors. It will
 begin on Wednesday evening with a light dinner followed by a discussion
 session on science learning. Paper sessions will be given in the morning and
 early afternoon on Thursday.  An afternoon break will follow with optional
 activities like hiking in the beautiful Black Rock Forest. Evening
 roundtable and poster sessions will occur over dessert and the evening will
 conclude with an optional night hike. Additional paper sessions will take
 place on Friday morning with the conference concluding after lunch.
 Session formats will include 20-minute paper sessions (15 minute
 presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions and discussion), 30-minute
 roundtable discussions, and a poster session.
 The 2013 conference registration fee includes all meals and lodgings and is
 discounted for students. Once again, we will hold the conference at Black
 Rock Forest, located 50 miles north of New York City in the Hudson
 Highlands. A field station for scientific research, education and
 conservation, it is comprised of almost 4,000 acres of lakes, streams, and
 upland habitat. Black Rock Forest offers spectacular views and access to
 rare flora and fauna that have disappeared from much of the area. Additional
 information about Black Rock Forest is available online at:
 This year we will be choosing two people to be Regional Director and
 Treasurer of Northeast ASTE. If you are interested in this position or know
 of someone who might be interested, please email with any questions. We will
 nominate and vote on these positions at the annual meeting.
 Important Dates/Deadlines
 Advance Registration Deadline: October 1, 2013
 Presentation Proposal (Papers, Posters, and Roundtables) Submission
 Deadline: October 1, 2013
 Late Registration: After October 1, 2013
 Please help us spread the word.  Please forward this message to other
 science teacher educators at your institution.
 We hope to see you at Black Rock Forest in October!
 Pamela Abder (NYU), Beth Klein (SUNY-Cortland), Mary Leou (NYU), Yael Wyner
 2013 NE-ASTE Region conference co-chairs

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