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STEM Ed Announcement: Patterns Around Us Summer Institute

This is a UMass STEM Ed program
 Patterns Around Us
 UMass Amherst Summer Institute
 June 30 and July 1, 2014 plus 1 Autumn Saturday Recall
 Small group of ~8 teachers 
 For Middle and High School science, biology, physics, 
 technology/engineering teachers
 Housing for those outside the commuter area 
 $250 summer stipend; $75 Saturday recall; parking, lunches 
 Presented by:
 Benjamin Davidovitch, UMass Physics; Jennifer Welborn, Amherst
 Regional Middle School; Wayne Kermenski, Mohawk Regional School 
 "Science may be described as the attempt to give good accounts of the
 patterns in nature. The result of scientific investigation is an
 understanding of natural processes.... Overall, the key criterion of
 science is that it provides a clear, rational, and succinct account
 of a pattern in nature...."
  --  Massachusetts State Frameworks for Science
 and Technology. 
 More information and applications: 

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