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STEM Ed Announcement: Spring Physics Teacher Meeting

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Registration now open for the spring meeting of the New England
 Section of AAPT. 
 You can view the meeting website here:
 The agenda can be viewed here:
 Registration is now open.  Please print and mail in your registration
 form. The meeting fee is $40, and the banquet is an additional $40.   	
 Please consider submitting a poster or oral presentation for the
 meeting. If you have never presented on the exciting things you are
 doing in the classroom or outside of the classroom with your
 students, this is a great opportunity to share.   Please submit by
 March 1st.  
 We could also use another workshop for the event.  Workshops can be
 2-3 hours in length. 
 Information on hotels is here.
 The special rate at the Hawthorne is good until February 12th. 
 We have a great banquet meal planned for Friday night, with Richard
 Larson from MIT as our speaker.  Richard has been active with
 developing educational technology at MIT.  He has served as Principal
 Investigator of several of MIT's most ambitious technology-enabled
 learning programs, including PIVoT -- the web-based the Physics
 Interactive Video Tutor, Masters' Voices (sponsored by the Ford Motor
 Company), MIT World, "Inventing the Global Classroom," "Good Clinical
 Practices" and "Fungal Infections" (the last two sponsored by the
 Pfizer Corporation). He is Founding Director of LINC, Learning
 International Networks Consortium, an MIT-based international project
 that has just held its third international symposium. Dr. Larson also
 served as founding co-director of the Forum the Internet and the
 University, a not-for-profit organization affiliated with the Forum
 for the Future of Higher Education.  Richard is the man behind the
 scenes in the production of the Walter Lewin physics videos which we
 all know and love.  
 Gary Garber
 Instructor of Physics
 Boston University Academy 
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