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STEM Ed Announcement: Modeling Workshops for Chemistry and Physics Teachers

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Get Out of the Classroom for Summer Workshops
 Want to get out of the classroom and still learn a new approach to chemistry
 or physics and gain some recertification hours?  Please consider joining us
 this summer at the historic First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in
 Kennebunk, Maine for a week or two of training in Modeling instruction.  For
 over ten years we have introduced teachers to what has been endorsed as one
 of the most promising approaches to science education.
 From July 28 through August 8 we run two sequential sets of training (one in
 chemistry and one in physics).  Each week costs $650 and includes training,
 workshop materials, breakfast and lunch (as well as free housing) on a first
 come first served basis.  For experienced modelers, we can offer guided
 experiences in advanced topics as add - ons.  Evenings are free to explore
 the beaches, restaurants, nature resources or to take a group trip to an
 amusement park or a ball game.  
 Chemistry two week Workshop Description
 Week one
 1.	Physical properties of Matter 
 2.	Energy and States of Matter I: Particles in Motion 
 3.	Energy and States of Matter II: Sticky Particles 
 4.	Describing Substances 
 Week two
 5.	Counting Particles Too Small to See 
 6.	Particles With Internal Structure 
 7.	Chemical Equations 
 8.	Stoichiometry
 Physics two week Workshop Description
 Electricity unit available as an add on
 	Week one 
 1.	Measurement and Graphing with an emphasis on linearization.
 2.	Constant velocity particle
 3.	Constant acceleration particle
 4.	Vectors and tip-to-tail vector addition
 5.	Free particle (?F=0)
 Week two
 6.	Constant force particle (?F=ma)
 7.	Energy and restoring force particle 
 8.	Central force particle
 9.	Impulsive force particle
 For more information and registration forms contact our Executive Director
 Dean Meggison at dmeggison@roadrunner.com.

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