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STEM Ed Announcement: Prof. Dev. in Computer Science Survey

This is a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 SUBJECT: Prof. Dev. in Computer Science: tell us what you need
 Massachusetts K12 computer science educators:
 Please take 2 minutes to tell us what you want and need for
 professional development in computer science.
 This brief survey is available here:
 Energy is growing around improving computer science education in
 Massachusetts! We need input from educators like you to plan training
 and professional development offerings to support the teaching of
 computing concepts and programming (as opposed to computer literacy /
 applications / usage) in the future. Your responses to this survey
 will help us understand the curricula and professional development
 needs of K12 educators teaching computing classes in Massachusetts.
 The anonymous survey results will be used by the Commonwealth
 Alliance for Information Technology Education (CAITE), its national
 arm Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP), the Greater Boston
 Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) chapter, and BATEC
 (Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections). Thank you
 in advance for your input.
   Renee Fall, CAITE Project Manager
 Renee Fall
 Project Manager
 Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education (CAITE)
 Co-PI, Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP)
 School of Computer Science
 University of Massachusetts Amherst
 140 Governor's Drive
 Amherst, MA 01003
 phone: 413.577.4431
 CS dept. fax: 413.545.1249
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