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STEM Ed Announcement: Summer Science Program for HS Students

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Summer Science Program for High School Students
 Harvard Medical School MEDscience Program is offering (3) one week
 sessions this summer.
 If you have interested students please see our web site for course
 dates and application at
 www.hmsmedscience.com. We do not offer room and board and the
 need to get
 to Harvard Medical School each day.
  We accept 12 students per course and the program incorporates a
  hands-on, experiential pedagogy using patient simulators (a
  mannequin that doctors and nurses train on) integrating basic
  clinical judgment under the guidance of Harvard Medical School
  mentors.  During the one-week intensive course, students use the
  simulator as their patient.  The students are organized in small
  groups for interactive case-based sessions including individual and
  group feedback. The curriculum is centered around three seminal
  medical cases (Asthma, Heart attack and Diabetes) that serve to
  illustrate the role of basic and clinical biomedical science in
  healthcare.  Students are exposed to concepts from physics, biology,
  and chemistry, and they are taught - through personal experience -
  principles of teamwork, problem solving, and communication. During
  programs, students will receive a Basic Life Support certification,
  reflecting their acquisition of a crucial life skill.
 > To provide practical scientific knowledge.
 > To inspire interest in STEM.
 > To motivate for academic achievement.
 > To increase self-efficacy.
 > To make health professions attainable.
 > To introduce role models.
 > To practice real-life problem solving.
 > To bring science to life.
 > To train the next generation of scientifically literate citizens.
  If you have questions or would like an application please contact
  Julie Joyal,  Program Director at medscience@hms.harvard.edu
  additional information on our web site www.hmsmedscience.com
  and FB page: HMS MEDscience.
 Julie Joyal, R.N., M.Ed
 Program Director HMS MEDScience
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