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STEM Ed Announcement: Xperience STEM 2014

This is not a UMass event.
 Contact information is below.
 Xperience STEM 2014 (Jul 20- Aug 1)
 500 Educators. 3 Days of Experiences. 1 Amazing Event. (Scholarships
 available, see below)
 Check your comfort zone at the door.  Prepare to take a chance. 
 Re-discover the thrill of the unknown. And re-ignite your passion and
 wonder through the personal experience of science. 
 Xperience STEM 2014 is like no other conference. Instead of the usual
 parade of powerpoints and presentations, we are sending participants
 on extraordinary STEM learning experiences! With partners Merck, REI,
 Lego, Microsoft, IBM, Discovery Education and several others,
 Xperience STEM features a menu of 21 STEM learning adventures to
 choose from.  Indoor and outdoor, athletic and non-athletic,
 hands-on, minds-on, emotions-on, and personal.  All combined with the
 tools and techniques you need to create, evaluate, and innovate with
 your own experientially based STEM learning
 Why? Because we believe that in order to create effective STEM
 learning experiences for your audiences, you must start by becoming
 the experiencer yourself.
 So if you have what it takes to bring your STEM education programs to
 the personal level, this 3 1/2 day conference is for you. Experience,
 learn research-based  methods to create, evaluate, and improve your
 own experiential STEM learning programs.
 Early Bird Registration until Mar. 15th - Register online at:
 Lego Scholarship available - apply online at:

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