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STEM Ed Announcement: Poverty Simulation

This is a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 When: Friday, May 2nd from 1:00 -4:00 pm for participants & 10:30 -
 4:00pm for volunteers
 Where: UMass Amherst  Recreation Center, 161 Commonwealth Avenue
 (directly across from new construction on Mullins Center). It is in
 the lower level in the  Activity Room 118/121.  The best parking
 option is in the campus center parking garage. 
 What: State of Poverty Simulation for the teachers in our project and
 other interested individuals. This event is facilitated by the
 Community Action Program of Cortland County (CAPCO) NY and is
 frequently held for students, faculty, and in-service teachers on the
 SUNY Cortland campus. The goal of the simulation is to help
 participants gain a better understanding of the obstacles people
 living in poverty face.A description of the simulation can be found
 The idea is to raise empathy and initiate discussion about what it
 means to work "with" rather than "on" students/families living in
 Our main audience is a group of teacher leaders  - "Master Teaching
 Fellows" in our program who work in local high needs schools, and
 lead teacher groups at their schools. For them, this activity will
 launch additional days of professional education that is a part of
 the S2TLC (Supporting STEM Teaching and Learning through Communities)
 project, with a theme of erasing the opportunity gap in science,
 technology engineering & math for kids living with financial
 challenges (See Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty by Paul
 Gorski). For you, as a  participant to help build our numbers, I hope
 you'd find it worthwhile, interesting and useful. It could be part of
 a great PD experience for teachers. Basically what you will do is
 become part of a family with financial struggles and will try to make
 ends meet and carry out responsibilities as you hurry about your
 activities. Volunteer staff persons will take on roles such as pawn
 shop owner, grocer,  banker, pay check clerk, social worker. nurses,
 teacher, police, etc.in the simulation.
 We invite you, your colleagues, and your students to participate in
 this simulation at no cost. 
 Registration: Please register on Eventbrite
 if you and others would like to participate so we can plan for the
 number of participants.
 Parking: If you are driving, you can park in the garage for $1.50 /hr
 - $6 for the simulation. OR...if you volunteer as a staff member, let
 - us know before Thurs so we can get you a free garage pass.
 How do I Volunteer as a staff member?:
 We also need 15-17 individuals to assist as "staff" for the
 simulation. These individuals will serve as bankers, teachers, store
 workers, etc. and would need to show up at 10AM on the morning of the
 2nd for training. Lunch will be provided for individuals serving as
 staff as well as a free parking garage pass (you arrange a staff role
 by Wed , and  pick up the pass from me Fri May 2 at Furcolo 20 in
 advance of parking). Please register on Event brite if you would be
 willing to serve in this capacity, AND contact me
 by Wednesday at noon.
 If you have questions, or would like to volunteer as a staffer,
 contact Susan Reyes
 Susan Reyes
 S2TLC Project Manager
 Supporting STEM Teaching and 
 Learning through Communities 
 College of Education
 University of Massachusetts Amherst
 813 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01003
 413-545-3642 susanr@educ.umass.edu

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