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STEM Ed Announcement: Field Entomology for Teachers

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Field Entomology for Teachers
 Through MCLA
 Course title:  Field Entomology for Educators
 Course number:  BIOE 650
 Number of credits:   3 graduate
 Course dates:  July 7 . 11, 2014
 Course times:  8:00am . 4:00pm
  Course location:  Pittsfield State Forest
 to register:
 Where to meet: The educator.s building across from the swimming hole
 just past the main entrance to the forest.
 What to bring to the course: Comfortable clothing and shoes with
 white socks, rain gear, a notebook for keeping field notes, your
 lunch and snacks.
 What will be provided: field collecting equipment, microscopes,
 pinning and mounting supplies, maps, and most importantly BUG
 What is an insect? And why should we study them?
 Lyme Disease overview
 Anatomy of an insect
 The Insect Orders and Life Cycles
 Using an identification key
 Aquatic collecting and identification.
 Insects, Ecology and the Environment
  Wooley Adelgids
 Night Collecting
 Pinning and mounting
 Insects, Genetics, Biodiversity and Evolution
 Insects and Society
 This 3-credit graduate field entomology course will demonstrate to
 teachers the accessibility and versatility of insects as models in
 teaching a wide range of concepts including: the characteristics of
 living things, reproduction and heredity, genetics, structure and
 function of cells, evolution and biodiversity, adaptations, energy
 cycles, ecology and environmental science.
 For more information contact Lisa Provencher:

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