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PVSTEMNet Announcement: Feeding the Computer Science/ITPipeline

This is a PVSTEMNet update.
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 Feeding the Computer Science/IT Pipeline:
  Short and Long Range Solutions
 Join us for a follow up to our successful IT/CS Symposium in
 February on the crisis in IT/CS workforce and education pathways, invited
 panelists will provide model solutions, followed by a discussion of next steps
  Date June 4th
  Time: 3:30 PM
  Place: Holyoke Comm. College, Kittredge Ctr. Room 301/303
  Jason Pacheco, Baystate Health
  Josh Finkel, Tech Foundry
  Audrey St John, Mt Holyoke College
  Renee Fall, CAITE
  John Heffernan, Williamsburg Elem. School
 Who should be attending this event? Education, Workforce, and
 Economic Development Professionals, Government, Businesses
  For more information: msilver@umassk12.net, 413-545-0734,

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