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STEM Ed Announcement: Digital Innovation in Learning Awards

This is mot a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 EdSurge and Digital Promise are delighted to announce the first
 annual Digital Innovation in Learning Awards! These awards aim to
 spotlight great practices in education--and to share those practices
 with others. And we hope that you will help us scout some great
 talent by 1) applying or 2) nominating people and/or organizations
 you respect for these special awards. 
 Teachers, administrators, and organizations (both for-profit
 companies and nonprofit organizations) are all eligible for the
 DILAs. We have identified five awards for each of those categories
 (see here). The Creative Director award for teachers, for instance,
 spotlights teachers who are inspiring their students to create
 high-quality multimedia projects. The Administrator Open Door Policy
 Award will elevate administrators leading the way in collaboration,
 communication, and sharing their schools practices with others. And
 for organizations, the Mindful Data Award will celebrate a company or
 nonprofit that has exemplary data management policies. (Again, heres
 the full list.)  
 The DILAs will be awarded at a special Gala event on Friday, November
 21 in Mountain View, CA. Finalists will win a free round-trip flight
 and hotel accommodations to the Bay Area for the Silicon Valley
 Summit (November 21-22), a seat and dinner at the Digital Learning in
 Innovation Awards Gala on November 21, and an official DILA Trophy
 and digital badge. Videos of the top work will also be featured on
 the EdSurge and Digital Promise sites. Additional questions and
 answers are here on our FAQ. 
 Apply or nominate someone--or a team--whose work you admire today!
 Nominations should be made no later than September 15. All candidates
 for DILAs will be invited to create a brief video that shares their
 practices. Full applications are due by October 1. 
 Lets shine a spotlight on great practices in education technology! 
 Thank you for sharing your expertise and suggestions! If you have any
 additional questions, please drop us a note at
 maryjo+awards@edsurge.com or chelsea@digitalpromise.org. 

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