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PV STEMNet Announcement: Do It Yourself Biotech Equipment

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 MassBioEd Foundation, in cooperation with the Pioneer Valley STEM Network
 invites Western Massachusetts middle and high school science teachers to
 attend a one-day biotechnology education workshop by Don Salvatore on the
 UMass-Amherst campus. Workshop topics include:
 Do It Yourself Biotech Equipment
 November 24th, 9AM-4PM, Room 364, Integrated Sciences Building, UMass,
 Because of the increasingly important role biotechnology is playing in
 facets of biology, it is critical that today's students are introduced to
 basic biotechnology tools. However, these tools are expensive and often
 schools cannot afford them. As a result, many students never have the
 opportunity to do biotech labs. So, why not have the students build their
 own equipment? The Do It Yourself (DIY) approach will not only save
 schools thousands of dollars, but will provide students will a better
 understanding of what the equipment does and will give them the
 to build their own equipment when no commercial product is available.
 The homemade equipment demonstrated in this workshop will be introduced
 through two simple labs - a microbiology lab and a gel electrophoresis
 lab. In addition to using homemade equipment, we will explore how these
 labs can be performed using grocery-store substitutes for more expensive
 About the Instructor:
 Don Salvatore has been a science educator at the Museum of Science in
 Boston for over 30 years. He has developed a range of curricular
 and teacher training workshops in partnership with Boston University
 CityLab and MassBioEd to support biotech education efforts in
 Massachusetts high schools and at numerous regional and international
 Participating teachers will receive seven Professional Development Points

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