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STEM Ed Announcement: NHow Robotics Can Change the World

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 How Robotics Can Change the World - From Kindergarten to College to
 Solving Real-world Problems
 WPI Teacher Lecture Series 2014 . 2015
 Thursday, November 20, 2014; 4:00 . 6:00 pm at WPI
 Free and open to the public. Registration required by Tuesday,
 November 18, 2014.
 Contact Katie Elmes (kaelmes@wpi.edu<mailto:kaelmes@wpi.edu>) or Shari
 Weaver (sweaver@wpi.edu<mailto:sweaver@wpi.edu>) with questions.
 In this unique presentation, join elementary educator John O.Neill
 from the Quaboag Public Schools and WPI Ph.D. student and lifelong
 robotics learner Michael Delph on a fascinating journey about
 robotics, K-Grey.
 During the 2013-2014 school year, Quaboag School District decided to
 develop a unique model for delivering robotics education to its
 students across the grade levels. At West Brookfield Elementary
 School, this means a robotics class, run by John O.Neill, is taught to
 every student in grades K-5 each week, giving them all a chance to get
 involved in this cutting edge field. Learn how this hands-on, .failure
 isn.t an option,. engineering opportunity is impacting the students,
 school and district. You will also learn how the program got up and
 running, it.s plans for development, and how it hopes to feed the high
 school robotics program.
 Next hear from Michael Delph of WPI.s Robotics Engineering Programs
 who developed his passion for robots early in life and now is pursuing
 his Ph.D. in the field through work with Professor Greg Fischer.s
 Automation and Interventional (AIM) Robotics Lab which focuses on
 medical robotics and computer integrated surgery. Mr. Delph.s personal
 area of research is assistive robotics, working on devices such as a
 sleeve to support stroke victims. Mr. Delph has experience in FIRST
 robotics as a student, teaching summer programs for kids, and award
 winning project teams focused on using robotics to make the world a
 better place. Learn more about this fascinating intersection of
 science and robots and get to see the model of what Mr. Delph is
 working on.
 The STEM Education Center at WPI and Mass Academy of Math and Science
 are co-sponsoring the Teacher Lecture Series in which WPI faculty
 present their groundbreaking research and how the principles of their
 research can be applied to a K-12 classroom. Additionally, a K-12
 educator presents engaging classroom activities addressing similar
 topics that can be applicable to multiple grade levels.  This series
 seeks to bring K-12 educators and university faculty members together
 around a common theme of relevant topics to engage and inspire the
 next generation of STEM-minded individuals. Please join us for a time
 of networking with colleagues, engaging in intellectual thought,
 learning new content, and sharing ideas.

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