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STEM Ed Announcement: Design Strategies for Engaging Students in Developing and Using Models

UMass STEM Ed Institute Presents: Fall 2014 STEM Tuesday Seminars
 Tuesday, December 2, 2014
 Todd Campbell
 Associate Professor, Science Education, Department of Curriculum &
 Instruction, School of Education, University of Connecticut
 Design Strategies for Engaging Students in Developing and Using Models
 Engaging students in developing and using models has been identified as
 one of the eight science practices in the Next Generation Science
 Standards.  Models anchor the social and material work of scientists
 and as such are also seen as important anchors for science teaching and
 learning.  Given this, this presentation describes design strategies
 within a curriculum unit focused on students understanding of
 acceleration to verify how the practice of modeling can support
 students understanding of disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting concepts, and
 other science practices.  Through building a unit of instruction around
 students developing an explanatory model of a scientifically rich
 phenomenon (i.e., objects accelerating differently on different ramps),
 this presentation offers a vision for how students can engage in
 instruction targeted by NGSS.   Additionally, beyond the study of
 acceleration in the physical sciences, the design strategies used
 within the example curriculum unit are considered transferable to other
 disciplines (e.g., biology, earth science).
 STEM seminars are held at 4PM on the first and third Tuesdays of each
 month during the academic year in Hasbrouck 138. Everyone is welcome;
 no reservations are needed, and there is no charge. Parking is available
 in the Campus Center Garage.
 Marie Silver
 Program Manager
 STEM Ed Institute
 237 Hasbrouck Lab, Umass
 Amherst, MA 01003

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