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STEM Ed Announcement: Staff wanted for Salem Sound Coastwatch

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Staff wanted for Salem Sound Coastwatch
 Salem Public Schools in partnership with LEAP for Education (formerly
 Salem CyberSpace) will be offering an exciting science summer
 service-learning program for 80+ middle school students. The project
 title is Improving the Health of an Ecosystem: From Research to Action.
 Using a curriculum prepared by Salem Sound Coastwatch, students will
 study the marine ecosystem based around eelgrass, a vital plant that is
 endangered within Salem Sound and around the world due to multiple
 factors, including human impact.
 This program will take place at two sites: LEAP for Education in
 downtown Salem and at Salem High School on Highland Avenue.
 We are looking for 5 instructors and 5 paraprofessionals to work this
 summer. The program will run from July 6, 2015 to August 13, 2015,
 Monday through Thursday 9 AM  2 PM which comes to 20 hours per week for
 6 weeks or 120 hours in total.
 All teaching faculty must be able to work the full 6 weeks, Monday
 through Thursday.
 Teaching stipends for the summer are as follows:
 Instructors: $4500 stipend includes 120 instructional hours and 20 for
 PD and Planning 
 Paraprofessionals: $14.65/hour
 1. Work together with Salem Sound Coastwatch and LEAP for Education as
 part of a planning team to give feedback to the curriculum and train in
 the curriculum (winter and spring, 2015)
 2. Prepare to deliver the material for the summer (spring, 2015)
 3. Attend Service Learning training during the school year at either:
 a. January 29 and 30 in Leominster MA
 b. February 25 and 26 at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Boylston MA
 4. Attend a Lesson sharing session  Thursday Feb 5th, Location TBD
 5. Teach summer service learning (summer, 2015)
 6. Attend a Reflective Practice workshop  Tue August 18th
 Instructor qualifications
 1. High school or middle school teachers licensed to teach Biology,
 Marine Science, or Environmental Science. Other teachers with a passion
 for marine ecology but not licensed in the sciences may also apply and
 will be considered on a case-by-case basis
 2. Instructors who work for environmental or marine science
 organizations who have experience working with youth in an educational
 Please send cover letter and resume to Linda Saris at
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