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STEM Ed Announcement: Dream Green Living Model Homes and Resilient Landscapes

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Dream Green Living Model Homes and Resilient Landscapes
 Thursday, JAN 8, 2015, 2014 6:00  8:00pm at Greenfield Community
 For: Parents, educators and youth over 8 accompanied by a parent
 The challenge is to design and build imaginative and fun model homes
 and landscapes, and/or a village system with features that enable
 people to live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle with low impact on the
 natural environment over a long period of time. Explore
 sustainability, environmental stewardship, energy concepts and
 ecology with your students, and learn about climate mitigation
 through landscape design while engaging in the engineering process as
 you design, construct, manipulate, play with and redesign the
 tabletop creations. The project can be a collective learning
 experience, and is accessible to a wide range of learners. 
 This workshop is a cooperative hands-on adventure, and will model the
 process of bringing this project to youth. Final products can be
 exhibited at a free culminating event, the EnergyTeachers.org Green
 Dollhouse Challenge, that will be held at the Science and
 Sustainability Expo in Greenfield on March 7, 2015. Certificates of 2
 hrs professional development for teachers. 
 Note: A great food option to consider before the event is the GCC
 Dining Hall that closes at 6:00pm. We will start our workshop
 promptly at 6pm. 
 Pre-registration required  up till Jan 7: Do so by sending your name,
 school/organization or parent, email, and phone, and childs age if
 bringing a child to Susan Reyes sreyes7 [at] mac.com or 413-259-1658
 A confirmation with site location and other information will be
 emailed to you.

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