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STEM Ed Announcement: Science Assistance Position

This is not a UMass position..
 Contact information is below.
 Science Assistance Position
 The Science Education Specialist (C) will make high-quality science
 materials, resources, and tools available to schools and districts
 across the Commonwealth. The selected candidate will research,
 develop, and disseminate science resources, tools, and professional
 development for schools and districts that fulfill targeted needs and
 program priorities; draw from a variety of sources and research to
 evaluate quality and relevance of resources to district needs;
 disseminate materials and information across the state; and follow up
 with schools and districts to evaluate the impact and use of
 provided. The Specialist will work in the Department's Office of
 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and in close
 collaboration with the Office of Accountability and Targeted
 Assistance Unit.
 Job description and posting: :
 Application Deadline: 01-20-2015.  

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