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STEM Ed Announcement: QCC Seeking IT Workforce Program Design Consultant

This is not a UMass position..
 Contact information is below.
 Seeking IT Workforce Program Design Consultant
 QCC is seeking a project consultant to lead the design, implementation
 and analysis of a comprehensive needs assessment to clarify regional
 demand for college education and training programs to meet current and
 projected hiring needs for the following occupations: Computer
 Programmers; Computer User Support Specialists; Web Developers;
 Database Administrators; and Network and Computer Systems
 Proposals are due on or before January 23, 2015.  The RFP has been
 posted on COMMBUYS
 ) or you may email Kathy Rentsch, Dean for the QCC School for
 Business, Engineering & Technology at krentsch@qcc.mass.edu
 Kathy Rentsch
 Dean, School of Business, Engineering, & Technology 
 Quinsigamond Community College
 670 West Boylston Street
 Worcester, MA  01606

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