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STEM Ed Announcement: Digital Images in Science Classroom Research

This is a STEM Ed UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Digital Images in Science Classroom Research
 Course Description: NatSci 697J STEM Digital: Imaging and  
 Environmental Research in the Classroom
 On-Line   3 Credit Graduate course
 UMass Spring Term Course  January 20th 2015 - April 29, 2015
 The analysis of digital images offers a unique way to utilize readily  
 accessible digital cameras and computers for use as data gathering  
 tools in the classroom. This course introduces a wide variety of  
 projects, which demonstrate how to integrate applications of digital  
 technology into science curricula. STEM DIGITAL uses the free  
 Analyzing Digital Images (ADI) software technology. A key feature of  
 the software package is that it is accessible to teachers with a broad  
 range of technology expertise. The end goal of this course is for  
 teachers to develop their own uses for digital image technology, and  
 for them to be comfortable exploring ways to expand these lessons  
 during the school year. This course evolved from the use of digital  
 imaging technology; it has broad applications and ADI software offers an  
 engaging and inexpensive way to incorporate the use of technology in  
 STEM classrooms.
 STEM Digital Images in Geosciences Investigations: Teaching Analysis  
 with Light (STEM DIGITAL) is an NSF funded project.
 Requirements: Participants will need a digital camera,a few simple  
 materials for experimentation (list will be provided), a computer, and  
 will need to be capable of downloading images to their computer for  
 analysis and sharing with classmates.
 For more information about the course please contact Dr. Deborah  
 Carlisle at dcarlisle@educ.umass.edu

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