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This is a PVSTENet update
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 Adults and youth can register now to participate in the SCIENCE AND
 SUSTAINABILITY EXPO, Sat. MARCH 7, 2015 at Greenfield Community College.
 Join us in the 4th year of this unique, intergenerational, multi-school
 community sustainability-themed science event for youth and adults. 
 9:00 . 11:30am: 
  1) Exhibition & presentation of science & sustainability projects -
  grades 3 through adult inspire and educate one another, and meet
 sustainability experts and enthusiasts. Wide open project potential:
 upcycling, renewable energy, local ecology, organic farming, conservation,
 air quality, climate change, healthy forests, soil, vermicomposting, etc.
  2) Green Dollhouse Challenge . all ages display playful table top
  homes, landscapes and villages that exemplify various aspects of
 sustainable living, and interview with jurors with expertise in green
 building.  Non-competitive personal achievment awards.
 10:30am . 4:00pm
  3) The KidWind Challenge . grades 3 . 12 compete with their personally
 designed and built electricity generating model wind turbine.
 Please Register by Feb 23  See more information at GreeningGreenfield.org
 Focus on Youth, and click on Science and Sustainability Expo, or email
 sreyes7@mac.com for more information. 

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