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STEM Ed Announcement: Math/Science Position

This is not a UMass position.
 Contact information is below.
 Mathematics Teacher (preferably with a physics or other science background)
 or Physics Teacher (with mathematics teaching experience)
 Grades: 6 - 12
 Job beginning: August 24, 2015
 Job Description:
 Meridian is seeking a full-time Mathematics and science teacher excited
 about the opportunity to teach and co-teach integrated
 Math/Science/Technology classes. Candidates should have experience bringing
 a broad, intellectual perspective to their work and be excited about the
 opportunity to work with other M/S/T teachers to continue to develop our
 seven-year curriculum. To see a sample of our current course offerings,
 please visit http://www.meridianacademy.org/learning_at_meridian/mst.htm. 
 Meridian Academy is an urban, economically diverse, intentionally small,
 independent secondary school in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston,
 MA. Class sizes are 16 or fewer students and the school is growing to its
 final size of 90 students.
 Meridian's curriculum is interdisciplinary and project-based. Mathematics,
 science, and engineering are taught in core, integrated courses. Student
 problem-posing is the starting point for problem-solving and long-term
 original research and learning. Classes are lengthy to support in-depth
 Responsibilities/opportunities include:
 "	Teaching and co-teaching 3 integrated classes. Create activities
 that help students develop academic skills, make connections between ideas,
 master essential knowledge, and grow in their curiosity and creativity.
 "	Modeling for students what original research is like; mentoring
 students one-on-one with their research projects.
 "	Advising students and communicating with their families.
 "	Developing and implementing methods of assessment that accurately
 reflect each student's progress with skills, content, and habits of mind.
 "	Using the broader resources of Boston and its environs as an
 extended classroom.
 "	Preferred: Two or more years teaching mathematics and/or physics or
 engineering at the secondary level. Candidates without experience may be
 considered for an internship position with extensive, structured
 professional development support. 
 "	A bachelor's degree in mathematics and/or physics. 
 "	In addition to mathematics studies, an academic background and
 interest in science, in particular physics, chemistry, astronomy, and/or
 earth science.
 "	A flexible and energetic personality that can work productively in a
 changing and growing school environment. 
 "	Strong interpersonal skills when working with diverse students and
 families. Ability to participate in shared decision-making that invites
 everyone to contribute to the improvement of the school.
 "	Experience and/or interest in working with both middle and high
 school age students.
 How to Apply:
 "	Read this posting and then consult our website to learn more about
 the school and to gain a fuller picture of the goals and philosophy of
 Meridian Academy. 
 "	Send a resume and cover letter describing your teaching philosophy and a
 discussion of some of your work with students (examples of project-based
 efforts are welcome) by email to Joshua Abrams at
 Joshua Abrams
 Head of School
 Meridian Academy
 Curiosity o Creativity o Community
 54 Brookside Avenue
 Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
 Meridian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color,
 national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, or handicap in
 administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, hiring, and
 other school-administered programs.

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