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STEM Ed Announcement: Cybersecurity, Computer Science

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Cybersecurity: A Growing Field in Higher Ed; Computer Science: A Rising
 Field in K-12 Education
 WPI Teacher Lecture Series 2014-2015
 Date Changed to Thursday, February 5, 2015; 4-6 PM
 Free and open to the public. Registration will remain open until February 3,
 Contact Katie Elmes (kaelmes@wpi.edu) or Shari Weaver (sweaver@wpi.edu) with
 In this interactive presentation, join WPI faculty member Kathi Fisler,
 Professor in Computer Science and Director of the Cybersecurity Program, and
 Worcester Technical High School Computer Science Teacher, Jen Hardy, as they
 engage participants in ideas and discussion about how to attract and excite
 students in their fields at all ages. 
 What comes to mind when you hear the word "cybersecurity"?  Stolen credit
 cards?  Warfare?  Annoying password rules?  What do "cybersecurity"
 researchers and professionals actually do?  What role should K-12 education
 have in teaching people about cybersecurity? Kathi Fisler, who also does a
 lot of non-security K-12 computing education outreach, will talk about the
 breadth of the topic, show a bit of the work that she does, talk about
 opportunities for cybersecurity education in K-16, and discuss your
 questions and ideas about this exciting and rapidly evolving area.
 Jen Hardy will then involve participants in a presentation and discussion
 around tools of the computer science trade for all grade levels, how to move
 away from lectures to an inquiry based method, and show examples of the
 innovate work she has her students doing in her classroom. She will lead the
 group in talking about how to best engage students in computer science at
 all ages. 
 The STEM Education Center at WPI and Mass Academy of Math and Science are
 co-sponsoring these Lecture Series in which WPI faculty presents their
 groundbreaking research and how the principles of their research can be
 applied to a K-12 classroom. Following the WPI faculty member, a K-12
 educator presents engaging classroom activities and ideas addressing similar
 topics that can be applicable to multiple grade levels.  This series seeks
 to bring K-12 educators and university faculty members together around a
 common theme of relevant topics to engage and inspire the next generation of
 STEM-minded individuals.

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