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STEM Ed Announcement: NOVA Lab Webinar, Teaching with STEM Projects

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 NOVA Lab's Free Webinar for Teachers
 Tuesday, February 3, 2015; 7 pm
 NOVA Labs is a free digital platform that engages teens and lifelong
 learners in games, interactives, and videos that foster authentic scientific
 exploration. Check it out from the comfort of your home couch!
 In this webinar, STEM teachers will review each of the Lab games and videos
 and the accompanying lesson planning resources that can be used to implement
 the Labs into the curriculum. The webinar will also review the content
 covered in the Lab and the NGSS that correspond to each Lab. RSVP by
 responding to the "Are you going to watch?" question here:
 Teaching and Learning with STEM Projects
 Wednesday, February 4, 2015; 3:30-6:30 
 Topic: Matter and its Interactions
 Join a group of middle and high school educators to learn and practice the
 project-based approach with integrated STEM content. This session guides
 participants through a number of activities about the structure of matter
 and culminates in a creation of a stop-motion video simulation of phenomena
 related to interactions of atoms and molecules. Mathematical concepts in
 this session will include scale and proportion, measurement, graphing, and
 More information about the series can be found here:

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