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STEM Ed Announcement: Love in the Time of Climate Change

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Love in the Time of Climate Change 
 Brian Adams will read from his new romantic comedy, Love in the Time
 of Climate Change on Wednesday, February 25th at 7:00 pm at Amherst
 Books, 8 Main Street in Amherst. Adams is a professor of Environmental
 Science & co-chair of the Science Department at Greenfield Community
 College.   The novel chronicles a semester in the zany life of a
 community college professor as he tries to save the world while
 desperately searching for true love. Of his new book, the
 environmentalist Bill McKibben said, "It's a pleasure to meet this
 fellow sufferer of Obsessive Climate Disorder; he's definitely funnier
 than most of us environmental types."  This event is free. 

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