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STEM Ed Announcement: Hitchcock Denter programs

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Hitchcock Denter programs
 FrogWatch USA Citizen Science Training
 with Brittany Gutermuth, Environmental Educator and Patti Steinman,
 Friday, February 6, 6:30pm-9pm
 Held at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, 127 Combs Road, Easthampton
 Come learn about our native frog and toad species.  Learn to identify
 them by their calls and sign up to participate in a citizen science
 program in which you are helping amphibians. FrogWatch USA is a
 well-respected, citizen science program that invites individuals and
 families to learn about the wetlands in their communities and to help
 conserve amphibians. Volunteers report the calls of local frogs and
 toads that they hear in their listening area. For over ten years,
 volunteers have been trained to enter their FrogWatch USA information
 on line.  Ongoing analyses of these data have been used to develop
 practical strategies for their conservation. FrogWatch USA can involve
 people of all ages in citizen science; however this evenings program
 will be at the adult level Members $5/Non-members, $7 Space is limited,
 registration required, please call 413-256-6006.
 The Winter Landscape from the Animals Perspective
 with Alcott Smith, Naturalist, Veterinarian, and Animal Tracker
 Saturday, February 7
 Field Walk: 9am-12pm or
 Field Walk: 1-4 pm
 Alcott makes visible interrelationships between our New England,
 winter-active animals and their environments. Predators and prey,
 surviving the cold, initiating annual reproductive cycles, all this and
 more will provide a structure for our day. He will help participants
 view the winter forest through the lens of autecology, the science that
 explores biological relationships between an individual or a species
 and its environment. Alcott maintains a passionate commitment to the
 animals that share our world and loves sharing his knowledge and
 perceptions with students of nature. He has presented for the
 Appalachian Mountain Club and Dartmouth College and a number of other
 organizations in northern New England.  Get ready for a physically
 active adventure, snowshoeing off trail. Participants should be in good
 physical condition. Dress to be outside in winters cold and bring
 snowshoes and snacks to refuel. Directions to the meeting point will be
 provided upon registration. Members $25/Non-members $33 Space is
 limited, registration required, please call 413-256-6006.
 How Much Arsenic Do We Eat?
 with Julian Tyson, Professor of Chemistry at the UMass Amherst 
 Wednesday, February 11, 78pm
 One of Julians prime research areas is arsenic in our food and in the
 environment. He has investigated arsenic in drinking water and in rice.
 Julian manages a citizen science project where participants learn how
 to test their own rice; he will explain how this project works. You may
 have some concerns about arsenic in our diets. You will leave Julians
 talk understanding the chemistry of arsenic and how it behaves in our
 diets, in our bodies, and in the broader environment. Donations and
 registration appreciated, please call 413-256-6006.
 Wildflowers, Orchids and Wildlife in Manitoba & Minnesota 
 with Nancy Goodman
 Thursday, February 19, 7-8:30pm
 Lets go on a picture adventure from Winnipeg to Churchill, Canada &
 then south to Itasca State Park in Northern Minnesota and see the
 surprising array of wildlife, wildflowers and orchids. The abundance of
 orchids is just amazing, especially in Manitoba.  But with all the
 wonderful things along the way, we also saw and heard of very real
 changes to the habitats and wildlife. Come join the adventure and
 witness the different habitats, plants and wildlife as I share this
 journey with you. Members $5 Non-members $8, Registration appreciated,
 please call 413-256-6006.
 If you have any questions, please let me know.
 Thank you,
 Jessica Schultz
 Communication and Capital Project Coordinator
 Hitchcock Center for the Environment
 525 South Pleasant Street
 Amherst, MA 01002
 P | 413-256-6006
 F | 413-253-2809
 Center Hours:
 Tuesday - Friday 9AM-4PM
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