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STEM Ed Announcement: Honors Physics Teacher (Grade 9)

This is not a UMass position.
 Contact information is below.
 Honors Physics Teacher (Grade 9)
 Location: Lawrence, MA
 Start date: August 2015
 About Lawrence Public Schools and Abbott Lawrence Academy:  Lawrence
 Public Schools is an urban district, located 30 miles north of Boston,
 serving more than 13,000 students. We believe that the fundamental
 unit of change in education reform is the school, not the district. 
 About the Abbott Lawrence Academy at Lawrence High School (ALA) offers
 ninth grade students in Lawrence the chance to experience a rich and
 rewarding honors education in the tradition of the most prestigious
 independent schools in the country.  Free of charge, ALA provides
 equal opportunity to all students in the city who want to accelerate
 their learning. ALA challenges its students every day and ultimately
 prepares them for admission to the nation's most competitive colleges
 and universities.
 The educator's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the
 Be a founding member of the new honors school;
 Plan, document and deliver rigorous lessons and assessments;
 Update gradebook on a weekly basis;
 Use assessment data to refine curriculum and inform instructional
 Prepare students to earn Advanced on the Physics MCAS by the end of
 the course;
 Actively participate in curriculum development, grade level
 activities, and school-wide functions;
 Implement school-wide student management policies within classroom and
 Inform students and their families about students' progress;
 Provide support, accommodations, and attention to all students;
 Hold weekly office hours to accommodate students and families;
 Display professionalism at all times.
 Qualifications: The Educator should possess the following skills and
 attributes: At least three years' experience teaching Physics; Desire
 to improve their practice by taking and implementing frequent
 feedback; Ability to work in a fast-paced environment while remaining
 calm in the face of challenges; Humility and a good sense of humor;
 Bachelor's degree is required, Master's degree is preferred;
 Certification in Physics required; Current authorization to work in
 the United States.
 Stacey Ciprich
 Abbott Lawrence Acade
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