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STEM Ed Announcement: Innovate to Mitigate Challenge

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Innovate to Mitigate Challenge for Middle and High School Students 
 There is still time to enter the Innovate to Mitigate Challenge to help
 reduce greenhouse gases.  The challenge is open to all middle and high
 schools students and offers them  the opportunity to win prize money
 and earn recognition from their peers, community, and experts. 
 To enter, students need to submit a brief statement (250 words or less)
 stating a plan to reduce greenhouse gases. Statements must be received
 by midnight, EST, March 12, 2015.  To learn more about the challenge
 connect to innovattomitigate.org. 
 The Innovate to Mitigate project is designed and facilitated by TERC, a
 nonprofit education research and development organization based in
 Cambridge, Massachusetts. The project is funded by the National Science
 Foundation (DRL1316225). 

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