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STEM Ed Announcement: Why Are not More Women in Science?

This is a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 When you think of a scientist, what images comes to mind? Maybe an man
 in a lab coat?  Why, in 2015, are there still so few women in science? 
 Prof. Kathy Aidala of Mount Holyoke College will share what she has
 learned about why this gender inequality still exists and what we can
 do about it.
 Please help us advertise (and please come!), forwarding the
 announcement below to any who may be interested.   All are very much
 welcome (kids, college students, your parents).  You'll learn something
 if you come.  And you might win a prize!  Please check out our website
 with videos of some past events, www.scitechcafe.org  and like us on Facebook! .  
 Cafe is pleased to present the monthly discussion series: A scientist
 walks into a bar...     and defies statistical odds!
 Monday, March 23rd
 Amherst Brewing Company
 Why Aren't More Women in Science?
  What is unconscious bias and how does it impact women in science? 
  How are the challenges for women in biology different from computer
  How can we get more women in science?
 Kathy Aidala, Professor of Physics at Mount Holyoke College, will tell
 us why gender inequality in science is still an issue in 2015 and what
 we can do to attract more women and young girls to the exciting world
 of science.
 Please bring a friend and join us as we enjoy light appetizers, lively
 conversations, prizes and brilliant minds. This is an inclusive,
 family-friendly event and people of all walks of life are invited. 
 Admission is FREE!
 Upcoming Events:
 April 27th: "Diamonds are a Photons Best Friend" with Professor Marko
 June 8th: "The Energy Efficient Home" with Professor Alexi Arango
 "Kathy Aidala" <kaidala@mtholyoke.edu>

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