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PV STEMNet Announcement: MA STEM Summit Call for Sessions

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 MA STEM Summit Call for Sessions
 The organizers of the Massachusetts STEM Summit are pleased to announce
 the launch of the 2015 Call for Sessions & Exhibits. Building on the
 success of last year's pilot, we are expanding the scope of the Call
 for the 2015 Summit, with the goal of building the majority of the
 program of Breakout Sessions with content proposed by Summit attendees.
 In addition, we are further expanding the scope of the Call to include
 proposals for Resource Exhibits to be showcased in the Exhibit Hall
 throughout the day. 
 Proposals for Breakout Sessions and Resource Exhibits may address any
 of the Summit's topical strands:
 Career Awareness & Workforce Development 
 Digital Education 
 Early Education 
 K-12 Education
 Higher Education - 2 year 
 Higher Education - 4 year+ 
 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
 Out-of-School Time 
 Research and Practice 
 Guidelines for the preparation and submission of proposals, as well as
 the proposal form, can be downloaded from the Summit website.
 Proposals received in response to the Call will be reviewed by the
 relevant Strand review committees, which will select the sessions and
 exhibits to be included as part of the 2015 Summit program. Strand
 review committees consist of volunteers from the Commonwealth's greater
 STEM community. A recruitment announcement for 2015 volunteers will be
 made in the coming weeks; instructions for volunteering will be
 forthcoming in a future email, and will also be posted on the Summit
 The deadline for submission of proposals is May 1, 2015.
 Results of the review process are expected to be announced no later
 than July 31, 2015.
 Please feel free to share this announcement with relevant professional
 colleagues, etc.
 Massachusetts STEM Summit 2015 will be held at the DCU Center in
 Worcester, MA,
 on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.
 For additional information about the Summit, visit:
  Planning for the Summit has begun.
 For the most up-to-date information about the Summit, including
 registration information and announcements of program details, bookmark
 the Summit website and sign-up for email updates at:
  Contact Us
 For questions and general information about the event, please contact
 Dana Bienkowski: StemSummitInfo@donahue.umassp.edu
  Become a sponsor
 If your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor of the 2014
 STEM Summit, please contact J. Lynn Griesemer, Ed.D.:
 lgriesemer@donahue.umassp.edu; (413) 545-0001

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