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STEM Ed Announcement: Workshops; Electronic art, Salvius the Life-Sized Robot

This is a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 On Saturday, March 28th, Makers at Amherst Media and the UMass Amherst
 chapter of IEEE are offering two concurrent workshops. The first is an
 Introduction to Electronic Art
 <http://amherstmedia.org/content/intro-electronic-art> which is a
 hands-on workshop for youths of all ages focused on creative interactive
 drawings with simple elecronics. Additionally, there will be a
 presentation of Salvius the Life-Sized Robot
 <http://amherstmedia.org/content/salvius-life-sized-robot> followed by
 participants working with Salvius' creator, Gunther Cox, to develop the
 robot even further using sensors, coding, and additional materials.
 The day will begin at 10am with introductions and a presentation of
 Salvius the Robot. After the presentation, participants will separate
 into their specific workshops, joining again for a pizza lunch as well
 as concluding with a presentation of the electronic arts projects and
 Salvius' progress.
 The Electronic Art workshop is $35 including supplies, a Chibitronic
 <http://chibitronics.com/> sticker circuit kit, and the pizza lunch. The
 Salvius session is $5 including the pizza lunch. Registration is open to
 all, but must be completed by Friday, March 27th. Some scholarships and
 financial assistance are available. Please contact
 <media@amherstmedia.org?subject=Workshop%20Inquiry> for more

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