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STEM Ed Announcement: Mobile Platform for Data Capture

The UMass STEM Ed Institute Presents: Tuesday STEM Seminars
 *** Note room change to Hasbrouck 113 ***
 UMass STEM Ed Institute Presents: Spring 2015 STEM Tuesday Seminars
 STEM seminars are held at 4PM on the first and third Tuesdays of each
 month during the academic year in Hasbrouck 113. Everyone is welcome;
 no reservations are needed, and there is no charge. Parking is available
 in the Campus Center Garage
 March 31
 Luk Hendrik
 AECERN, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
 Mobile Platform for Data Capture and Use in the Class and Beyond
 Discoveries made by our students can inspire deep and lasting learning.
 But there are many challenges to setting up effective discovery-based
 learning opportunities. Aecern is a non-profit education organization
 based in Woods Hole, MA that is exploring how technology can help by
 providing tools and structure to guide and facilitate data capture and
 use, both in the classroom and beyond. In collaboration with teachers in
 MA and throughout the US we are building the Aecern Discovery Hub. This
 free learning platform prompts students to capture discoveries they make
 through a mobile app (for iPad, iPhone only at this time). Their
 discoveries are automatically made available to them online through our
 website, where they can be reviewed, shared, and incorporated into
 learning activities. Teachers can either build their own version of the
 Aecern app, or use one designed by our community of discovery
 During this presentation we'll give a hands-on introduction to the Aecern
 Discovery Hub, provide an update on our progress to date, and put out a
 call for educators (you?) who would like to collaborate with us to help
 make this learning resource great.
 Marie Silver
 Program Manager
 STEM Ed Institute
 237 Hasbrouck Lab, Umass
 Amherst, MA 01003

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