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STEM Ed Announcement: Science/Engineering Saturday Seminars

This is a UMass STEM Ed program
 Online seminar registration and payment:
 Science & Engineering Saturday Seminars    Spring, 2015 
 "	Designed for STEM teachers; new teachers are especially
 "	Five Saturdays each term; 8:30-1 at UMass Amherst, Lederle
         Grad Towers 1033 
 "	Educational materials, refreshments, parking, PDP's included
 "	Advance registration is required; capacity is limited
 "	Cost $30 per session
 "	4 PDP's per half day session 
 April 11.(rescheduled) Producing Electricity with Solar Cells. 
 Rob Snyder and Chris Emery, STEM Ed. 
 This seminar will focus on transforming the
 energy of visible light into electrical energy using photovoltaic
 cells. Background information and activities suitable for
 modification for use in middle and high school classrooms will
 include: measuring how much electricity is produced by photovoltaic
 cells, using spectrometers to measure the energy of photons of
 visible light, experimenting with the tilt and direction of
 photovoltaic cells and determining the efficiency of photovoltaic
 Questions: Mort Sternheim, mort@umassk12.net, 413-545-1908,
 Online seminar registration and payment:

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