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STEM Ed Announcement: Modeling Workshops

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 50 Modeling Workshops in high school and middle school sciences will
 be offered this summer, in many states. Most workshops are two or
 three weeks long. CEUs; optional graduate credit, stipends at
 grant-funded sites. Modeling Instruction is research-informed.
 Registration is open for all workshops, and they are filling up fast.
 Please plan your summer professional development and think about taking a
 Modeling Workshop. Ask your school administration to help pay.
 Website: http://modelinginstruction.org/workshops-2015
 Workshop descriptions: http://www.phystec.org/pd/?set=Modeling
 MECHANICS workshops are offered in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas,
 California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine,
 Massachusetts, Michigan, New York                        City, Ohio,
 and Texas (Dallas).
 CASTLE electricity: Ohio (no prerequisites!)
 CHEMISTRY I: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maine,
 Massachusetts, Michigan, New York City, Ohio, PENNSYLVANIA (new!)
 BIOLOGY: California (MUSE), Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio
 PHYSICAL SCIENCE or chem/physics: California, Louisiana, North
 Carolina, Ohio
 MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE (grades 6 to 8): Arizona, Michigan, New York City
 ONE-WEEK INTRO TO MODELING: Maine, Minnesota, North and South Carolina
 These Modeling Workshops require a prior Modeling Workshop:
 CHEMISTRY II: ASU in Arizona (June 15-26)
 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT in physics & chemistry: OSU in Ohio (June 8-26)
 E&M: Illinois (June 15-26) and New York (Buffalo: July 27-Aug. 14)
 WAVES & SOUND: ASU in Arizona (June 8-26), Cal Poly (June 15-26)
 Modeling Instruction is designated as an Exemplary K-12 science program
 and a Promising Educational Technology program by the U.S. Department
 of Education.
 Modeling Workshops are peer-led. Content is reorganized around basic
 models to increase its structural coherence. Participants are supplied
 with a complete set of course materials and work through activities
 alternately in roles of student or teacher, as they practice techniques
 of guided inquiry and cooperative learning.
 Wendy Hehemann
 American Modeling Teachers Association
 Workshop and Outreach Coordinator
 Check out the 2015 workshops at

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