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STEM Ed Announcement: iSENSE Teacher Network Meeting

This is a UMass Lowell program.
 Contact information is below.
 iSENSE Teacher Network Meeting
 Presented by the Engage Computing Group at UMass Lowell
 Thursday, April 16
 5:00p  7:00p
 UMass Lowell North Campus, Olsen Hall room 311
 Learn about the Science of Rivers field trip at the UMass Lowell's
 boathouse on the Merrimack River in Lowell, MA.  The Engage Computing
 Group at UMass Lowell has funding to provide field trips (program and
 bus costs) this May and June for your middle and high school
 environmental science and biology students (grades 612).  Please come
 to this meeting if you want to bring your students on our field trip!
 Meeting Agenda:
 1.   Dinner and conversation! A catered dinner is provided to all.
 2.   Review of the "Science of Rivers" iSENSE field trip.
 3.   Review of a classroom data analysis activity that precedes the
 field trip. 
 Other ideas for using iSENSE in your classroom. 
 Please register now if you can come!
 For more information and registration Click Here
 iSENSE (isenseproject.org) is a free web-based tool that helps make
 science and math more accessible, collaborative, visual, and fun.
 Teachers can use iSENSE to identify, refine, and share best practices.
 Students can use iSENSE to examine data contributed by their peers,
 participate in collaborative data-collection activities, and
 investigate science questions that they find personally meaningful.
 iSENSE is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, and
 is a joint project of the Engaging Computing Group at UMass Lowell and
 Machine Science Inc. (Cambridge, MA).

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