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STEM Ed Announcement: InterLACE - A Digital Teaching Platform

The UMass STEM Ed Institute Presents: Tuesday STEM Seminars
 *** Note room change to Hasbrouck 113 ***
 UMass STEM Ed Institute Presents: Spring 2015 STEM Tuesday Seminars
 April 21
 Leslie Schneider, InterLACE; Berri Jacque, Asst. Professor, Tufts
 University School of Medicine
 InterLACE - A Digital Teaching Platform for Making Collaboration
 How can technology-supported learning help to move beyond content
 delivery and truly enhance STEM education so that students develop a
 broad mix of 21 st century skills? Dr. Schneider will demo and discuss
 InterLACE (Interactive Learning and Collaboration Environment), a
 research-validated digital collaboration platform that enhances
 students interaction, engagement, learning and thinking skills.  For
 teachers and administrators, InterLACE also facilitates the use of
 real-time formative assessment that is, frequent, interactive
 assessment of student progress and understanding.
 STEM seminars are held at 4PM on the first and third Tuesdays of each
 month during the academic year in Hasbrouck 113. Everyone is welcome;
 no reservations are needed, and there is no charge. Parking is available
 in the Campus Center Garage.
 Marie Silver
 Program Manager
 STEM Ed Institute
 237 Hasbrouck Lab, Umass
 Amherst, MA 01003

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