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PV STEMNet Announcement: STEM Starter Academy at HCC

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 STEM Summer Academy at Holyoke Community College Offering Free Lab
 Science Exploratory Course in STEM Foundations in July:
 HCC is pleased to announce the HCC Stem Starter Academy Program in the
 Summer 2015. Students in this program will be enrolled in a free lab
 science introduction to the STEM disciplines, so necessary to life and
 careers in the 21st century.  The program is part of a continued effort
 to promote STEM programs to diverse students.
 Please help us let the students know that they can do all thats
 described below and get their foot in the door with a free lab science
 featuring lots of fun, collaborative work and interesting problems to
 explore.   Students who successfully complete this class and meet
 attendance requirements are eligible for a $250 stipend. Only 50 seats
 available, so tell them to sign up soon!  Students who do well and
 continue their study at HCC may be eligible for additional
 COURSE DESCRIPTION:  STEM Foundations (SEM 130) is a hands-on
 introduction to the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering
 and mathematics) for those who want to learn these fields and to have
 fun. Working in teams just as they would in the workplace, students
 will gather information from field trips, lectures, visiting experts,
 and their own research as they explore cross-disciplinary solutions to
 real-world problems. Students will learn about the environment, learn
 to compost and make cheese, design robots and study DNA.   Topics
 include environmental science, genetics, biotechnology, earth science,
 astronomy and engineering along with the mathematics, chemistry and
 physics to support them. 
       The class runs from July 6 - August 6.   MTW 8:30am to noon, and
 Th 8:30am - 1:30pm
        To participate in the program, students should plan on enrolling
 at HCC in the fall and on majoring in STEM (Science, Technology,
 Engineering and Math) or want to learn more about STEM  and on
 enrolling at HCC in fall 2015.
        Michele Snizek at (413)552-2268 or msnizek@hcc.edu
        Ileana Vasu at (413) 552-2438 or ivasu@hcc.edu
 Ileana Vasu
 Professor, Mathematics 
 Co- Chair, Engineering 
 STEM Faculty Coordinator

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