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PV STEMNet Announcement: Pioneer Valley Information Technology Roundtable

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 The Regional Employment Board of Hampden County, Inc., in partnership with
 Training Workforce Options (TWO) and the Western Mass Information
 Technology Partnership would like to extend an invitation to you and
 representatives from your organization to attend our 2nd Pioneer Valley
 Information Technology Roundtable Summit.  This is a follow up to the
 roundtable discussion held in September 2014.  
 The Western Mass Information Technology Partnership is a collaborative
 of organizations and individuals from workforce and economic
 development, education, business and industry who have convened to
 address the existing and project shortage of qualified IT workers and
 the skills gap of the exiting IT labor force.  
 If you are engaged in the growth and professional development of the IT
 workforce for your organization, you will not want to miss the summit! 
 The meeting information is as follows:
 Date:                     May 12, 2015
 Time:                    8:30AM (sign in and networking begins)
 Where:                Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing
                                 100 Bigelow Street
                                 Holyoke, MA  01040
 RSVP:   Joanne Lyons at jlyons@rebhc.org or call for
 more information at 413-787-1552.
 *The IT summit will also provide a presentation titled Agile and
 * SCRUM-How it Applies to your Company, presented by Larry Clockodile,
 * PMP  Sales and Client Service Manages, Quality & Productivity
 * Solutions.
 We look forward to seeing you there.
 "Larry Martin" <lmartin@rebhc.org> 

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