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STEM Ed Announcement: MITS Assistant Education Director

This is not a UMass Amherst position.
 Contact information is below
 Assistant Education Director
 MITS is a not-for profit corporation whose mission is to promote the
 teaching of participatory, inquiry-based science, mathematics and
 technology/engineering education at the K-12 levels in partnership with
 museums and other non-profit organizations. MITS provides Professional
 Development programs and resources for K-12 formal and informal
 educators. The Assistant Education Director works closely with the
 Director of Education to coordinate and maintain current MITS programs,
 provide programmatic and administrative support for these programs, and
 assist with developing new initiatives. This is a full time position
 based in Quincy, MA with some travel throughout Massachusetts.
 Job Responsibilities
 "	Develop, implement, and coordinate Professional Development
          Institutes for K-12 educators 
 "	Assist with development, implementing and managing:
 o	Professional Development Seminar Series for MITS partner
 o	Customized School Services
 "	Organize and present professional development workshops,
         conference presentations and other presentations for teachers, museum
         educators and informal educators
 "	Work with MITS Lead Educators to coordinate logistics,
         registration, marketing and record keeping for Summer Professional
         Development Institutes and workshops
 "	Serve as the liaison for MITS to institutes of high education
         providing credit for MITS institutes
 "	Market and promote MITS programs and resources
 "	Assist with mailings, record keeping and other office tasks as
 "	Masters Degree in education, science or related field
 "	Formal and/or informal teaching experience using inquiry based,
         hands-on methods
 "	Excellent writing, editing, and verbal communication skills
 "	Ability to work both independently and in a team
 "	Knowledge of national and Massachusetts education standards,
         and STEM initiatives
 "	Program management experience
 "	Willingness to travel to meetings throughout MA 
 Salary:  Commensurate with experience
 Closing Date: May 4th or until the position is filled.
 For further information about MITS, visit www.mits.org.  To apply, send
 cover letter and resume to Sandra Ryack-Bell, Executive Director, MITS,
 1354 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169, 617-328-1515, mits@mits.org. 
 MITS is an equal opportunity employer.

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