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STEM Ed Announcement: Computer Curriculum Consultant Needed

This is not a UMass position
 Contact information is below.
 Needed: Curriculum Consultant in order to Adapt College
 iDesign Studio Course to high school and middle school level.
 What is iDesign: A three-week program we are offering on the Mount
 Holyoke campus this August 3-21 (MWF) targeting women attending
 Massachusetts community colleges who do not have computer science
 experience. This iDesign Studio program, developed by Prof. Audrey St.
 John (Computer Science), will aim to lower the barriers women often
 experience in studying STEM through
 offering an experience of "making," taking an idea from inception to
 prototype, in a supportive, collaborative team environment. For more
 information on the program, please go to
 What is required from the Curriculum Consultant: The K-12 curriculum
 specialist will attend the iDesign Studio course and adapt the
 curriculum for possible future courses for middle and high school
 students. Professor St. John will teach the morning session from 9:30
 a.m. to 12:30 PM with the help of the teaching assistants. Students and
 staff (including the curriculum specialist) will then have lunch
 (provided) together and spend the afternoon from 1:30 PM to 4:30 p.m.
 working in the lab to develop their prototypes, with support from the
 program coordinator and teaching assistants. The curriculum specialist
 will attend all morning sessions and work on redesigning the workshop
 in the afternoons. At the completion of the workshop, the specialist
 will meet with Professor St. John and her staff to present and discuss
 the curriculum. The curriculum specialist will receive a fee of $4,000
 for adapting the course for high and middle school students.
 How to apply: The ideal candidate will have experience with curriculum
 development and teaching computer science (or in a closely related
 field) at the high or middle school level. Please send your CV, letter
 of interest, and names and contact information for 2 references to the
 program coordinator, Teresa Herd, via email: therd@mtholyoke.edu.
 Please attach all documents as a PDF, and use the email subject line:
 Curriculum Consultant for iDesign Studio.

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