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STEM Ed Announcement: Science Teacher Survey Request

This is a UMass Lowell program.
 Contact information is below.
 I am forwarding this email on behalf of Maria Blewitt, a doctoral
 student at the Graduate School of Education at University of
 Massachusetts Lowell. Under the guidance of her advisor, Prof. David
 Lustick, she is conducting research to look at science teachers views
 on science teaching and available resources. The survey does not ask
 for or gather any personal identifying information, and should take
 approximately five minutes to complete. All responses will be
 aggregated to the group and summarized, so no individual information
 will be reported. 
 The survey will be available online through 4/30/2015. 
 Here is the web link to the survey:
 I greatly appreciate your time and professional courtesy in taking this
 survey. If you have any interest in seeing the aggregated results of
 this survey, please contact Prof. David Lustick at his email address.
 Maria Blewitt
 David Lustick, Ph.D.
 University of Massachusetts Lowell
 Graduate School of Education
 530 O'Leary 
 61 Wilder Street
 Lowell, MA 01854
 Voice: 978-934-4644
 Fax:    978-934-3005
 email:  David_Lustick@uml.edu
 email: Maria_Blewitt@studemt.uml.edu

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